Use Testimonials

Using testimonials in your marketing in various ways is a great way to increase the likelihood that people will purchase through your affiliate link.

Readers of the Super Affiliate Handbook have literally sent in THOUSANDS of testimonials and you are free to use those that I have posted on the site.

For example, here’s one posted on the Super Affiliate Handbook’s testimonials page:

Wow, Rosalind… I love you!!!!!!

What a treasure trove of wonderful, valuable information. This is how it should be. Easy to read, easy to follow and no garbage to wade through to find the gems hidden within. They are scattered on the surface! I am underway on my best adventure yet from a true newbie to affiliate-saavy newbie!

Thank you for your generosity!

Barbi Portillo

Before you add a bunch of testimonials to your product review, there are some caveats and considerations of course…

  • Use testimonials sparingly in affiliate product endorsements. One or two at the most.
  • Consider your audience – what would be the most compelling factor for them to consider purchasing the book? Price, ease of use, the fact that it’s a step-by-step guide? Find a testimonial that is relevant.
  • Please don’t use testimonials that are on the homepage of the site – we don’t want to bore your audience with repeated information.

You can find testimonials to use Super Affiliate Handbook’s testimonials page and on